A Peek Into Construction


First, they keep workers from having to go back to the drawing board when they discover that on-site conditions are incompatible with an initial elevation. Second, they help prevent rework that can occur when conditions make original site plans unworkable or impractical. These new visualizations can also be extremely helpful after construction wraps. Many companies use BIM for handover in addition to other steps in the design and construction process. If workers keep elevations and other building models or diagrams updated during the construction process, building owners will have the most accurate models possible. Getting a bird’s-eye view of site safety with BIM Modern BIM platforms are also incorporating tools and features built specifically to improve safety on the construction site. Advanced safety modeling features can let building designers know of potential safety issues that may arise during construction. For example, a BIM tool may detect material handling sites that are too close to fire hydrants or structures. The same tool might also automatically note slopes that have insufficient landing areas for project equipment or other issues, like erosion and soil stability concerns. If the site is close to a street or occupied lot, the tool may also be able to detect potential threats to pedestrians in adjacent public areas. As BIM tech becomes smarter and incorporates Cloud technology, developers are also starting to include features that help supervisors and workers coordinate onsite. Some tools, for example, offer real-time visual updates on where all other BIM users are on the construction site — helping supervisors track and coordinate workers. The same tools allow workers to quickly share information and analysis from their perspective, preventing miscommunications and making it easy to transfer BIM analysis from one tablet or device to another. New, Cloud-based features and Internet connectivity will likely be key for the future of BIM platforms. With Cloud connectivity, it’s possible for devices to feed real-time information from the site to a BIM platform. This can allow supervisors and other workers to check on job progress, share information and coordinate effectively, regardless of location. Some tools are already taking advantage of this tech — like tools that offer real-time updates on worker location or data sharing. As Cloud adoption in the construction industry takes off, and technology like 5G makes Internet connectivity more practical while on a construction site, more complex features could be possible. For example, a construction company might develop a model of a finished building that they can pass on to a building owner once construction is complete. With Cloud connectivity, this model could be regularly or automatically updated, providing facility managers with up-to-date information on building space, assets, and equipment status. Integration of Artificial Intelligence-based analytics technology may also be key for the future of BIM.


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One possibility is that Republicans’ views about the economy are driven by the belief that things are terrible for other people even when they themselves are doing OK. That is, it may be like the right-wing narrative on urban violence. Tucker Carlson and his ilk have been peddling the vision of a nation all “ boarded up ,” its citizens cowering in fear of riots and crime. People have to know that their own neighborhoods aren’t like that but may imagine that it’s happening somewhere else. Whatever the explanation, post-truth politics has expanded its domain to the point that it overrides everyday experience. On the right, at any rate, the economy that voters perceive no longer bears much relationship to reality. What does this say about the politics of economic policy? A large body of research in political science says that the economy drives elections. Specifically, what seems to have mattered in the past was the rate of income growth in the six months or so before the election. This was always a troubling result, partly because presidents usually don’t have much influence over short-run economic developments, partly because it suggests that there are no political rewards for good long-term performance. In fact, if you believe standard election models, the optimal political strategy for a president seeking two terms would be to start with a deep recession, so as to make room for rapid growth in the run-up to the next election. (This is more or less what actually happened during Ronald Reagan’s first term, although it wasn’t deliberate.) Still, things could be worse — and they seem to have gotten worse. We appear to have become a country in which a large chunk of the electorate won’t even judge a president by short-run performance, because those voters’ perceptions of the economy are driven by partisanship unrelated to reality. OK, maybe I’m official source being too pessimistic here. Elections are decided at the margins, so good policy may still be rewarded even if, say, a third of America’s voters refuse to believe good news if a Democrat sits in the White House. But I still miss the days when truth mattered. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor.