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Clavister : 5G Security Performance Validated with Intel , a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announces that Clavister NetShield Virtual, the world's fastest virtualized solution for securing 5G networks, has been formally validated in collaboration with Intel, the industry-leading manufacturer of microprocessors and chipsets. In a new Solution Brief just published by Intel, the performance of Clavister NetShield Virtual was thoroughly tested and validated in a conversational tone simulated 5G network, deploying a fully virtualized N6 firewall. The tests were carried out using 2nd generation Intel Xeon Gold 6230N processor-based servers. The conclusion drawn from the tests is a dramatic and consistent increase in packet forwarding rate my response when using Clavister NetShield Virtual on an Intel Xeon Scalable Gold processor, as more cores and threads are recruited. The rise in packet throughput means the virtualized firewall can support growing 4G and 5G traffic volumes efficiently with minimal cost. In the virtualized environment that characterizes 5G providers and those moving to 5G from 4G, this performance increase is just one benefit of Clavister NetShield Virtual, joining nimble scaling and lower total cost of ownership to make the technology compelling for service providers. "With our highly efficient software, running on Intel common-purpose hardware platforms, we are now able to demonstrate performance levels that just recently required expensive, custom-built hardware. This is truly an enabler for the service provider industry to take the step to fully virtualized network deployments, a necessity to drive scale in 5G networks," said Clavister NetShield Virtual is a Services-Based Firewall which enables a high rate of packet forwarding while keeping data more secure. It runs on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor- and Intel Atom® processor-based systems. And as packet inspection demand grows, Clavister NetShield Virtual scales to match. It's manageable with a single tool, capable of managing tens of thousands of instances. Clavister NetShield Virtual operates using either vSphere or KVM hypervisors. The software can run on a minimum of two CPU cores with only 2 GB of RAM in its most basic configuration, which makes it one of the least resource-demanding 5G security products. For larger applications, NetShield Virtual can fully utilize modern multi-core CPUs. Clavister NetShield Virtual is proven in commercial deployments with several tier-1 5G and 4G operators in live operation under massive load, deployed both as virtual and bare metal. The solution is available through leading telecom system integrators, including

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(Decker Westenburg) A 2019 survey found that 85% of respondents felt there was a parking problem in Joaquin, with 60% of respondents experiencing trouble finding parking. A proposal drafted in 2020 suggested selling parking permits to landlords as a potential solution, with landlords renting these permits to their tenants or other complexes that lacked parking while non-permitted visitors would pay by the hour. This proposal was met with opposition from students , causing the Provo Parking Committee to search for other solutions. The newest proposal released does not include the previously proposed permit system. Under the new plan, all drivers would pay for on-street parking as they use it. The exact rate individuals pay would vary based on location and time of day. The first half hour would be free-of-charge to accommodate short visits such as drop-offs and pick-ups, while the cost per hour for longer visits “could potentially be as low as a few cents.” The charges could be paid via an app, a website or by phone. The system would be adjustable in order to address parking issues on a block-by-block basis over time. The goal of this new proposal is to provide an adaptable system that can be used in select areas to improve the safety and quality of life of Joaquin residents. According to respondents to a recent survey , over-parking decreases visibility for pedestrians in seeing oncoming vehicle traffic (and vice versa), blocks residents’ driveways and reduces accessibility to fire hydrants. Several similar proposals over the past several decades have proven unsuccessful. In May 2007, the city drafted and released a proposal for a Joaquin Neighborhood Permit Parking Program which involved selling parking permits to residents for $25, but this plan faced numerous delays and significant neighborhood opposition before being postponed indefinitely in 2011. Earlier plans dating as far back as 1968 also proved unsuccessful. The Provo City Council discussed the past parking problems and solutions in the Joaquin neighborhood on Feb. 2 (Provo City Council) During a City Council meeting , Councilman David Harding referenced an article written in 1968 about the plan proposed by the city that later proved to be unsuccessful. “It’s amazing how much things have not changed in the more than 50 years since this article was published,” Harding said. The City of Provo created an online public survey to gather feedback from residents about the new proposal.